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Our Philosophy 

A wise man once said, “trust is the glue of life”. Trust truly is the foundation to develop all things. We value developing trust and building true relationships with our clients above all else. We care about your needs and set out to accomplish them with our best efforts, through attention to detail, experienced teams, and focused hard work and dedication to get the job done. 

Put all your troubles in our hands and trust in us to make your dreams come true.

Get to Know Our Leading Contractor 

SAL HOME IMPROVEMENT LLC. located in New Jersey has a leading contractor that has extensive experience of more than 25 years in the field of commercial and home improvement, and with more than 15 years of experience in managing buildings throughout New Jersey. Today SAL HOME IMPROVEMENT LLC. has grown into a company that has many home improvement experienced professionals. 

Contact Us for more information about what we offer. We speak both English and Spanish.

(908) 662-9132

The Right Approach 

Determining The Goal

Picture this: the theme of your desires. You come across an idea and wish to have it developed. That’s where you come to us. We listen to your specifications, wants and needs, book a free estimate, and look into moving forward to the next step.

Making The Decision

We look into your desires and plan on how to execute them, then agreements are made. Our goal is to make sure that your project schedule, budget, sustainability, and safety objectives all support your decision. The right approach is honest, proactive, and collaborative. An honest assessment cost of our client's project leads to greater price assurance.

Creating the A-Team

We believe having the right people in our team is the key to providing the best results to our clients. Not only do we assemble a team to get the physical labor aspects of the job done but we also assemble a team of individuals that will be there with you along the way. Communication is Key. Rely on us to manage every detail of your project, from estimation through closeout.


Almost at the finish line. We begin working. Our team puts all their effort into the project, paying close attention to detail. Hard work, dedication, and focus is what you will see at the job site until the job is done.


The final touches are in place and the goal is met. Your desired project is complete!

Sal Home Improvement has a 5 star rating in Home Depot Pro Referral 

Sal Home Improvement has a 5 star rating

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